We inspire and provide opportunities for all Australians seeking a hands-on, technical career path. Even with the changing needs of society, we are building on our heritage with a vision to redefine the future of Australian manufacturing and create a legacy based on excellence, talent and opportunity.

The ‘Future of Work’ – Academic Theory vs. Manufacturing SME Practice

It seems the only constant at present is the feeling that the old order of doing things is being challenged in every corner of the economy. While different sectors are dealing with the opportunities of change at varying rates, the responses are primarily within the realm of the relevant industry, bringing some comfort to the...
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Adding Manufacturing to The Smith Family Work Inspiration Program

The Smith Family is an organisation that may not come to mind when thinking about a manufacturing organisation, but then again in today’s business environment, collaboration can present unexpected synergies. In the last week of May, LA Services had the pleasure of working with The Smith Family and Leonie Lam from My Focus to deliver...
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Product Price and Project Cost

Is it worth paying a higher product price for something now when it is a known, or paying for an unknown project cost later? LA Services works with clients across a number of industries, historically we have serviced the oil and gas sector, a sector with a focus on quality assurance and compliance and rightly...
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Bridging Sectors – Educators visit Manufacturing

While the business year winds down at the end of this week, staff at Liverpool Boys High are already planning their 2019 project-based learning activities. Jessica Khoury (Community Officer) and Amy Gilchrist (Head Teacher of Science) visited LA Services this week to discuss a collaborative environment sensor project between Ben Moir from Snepo, David Phan...
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New Blood – Generational Diversity to Step Change

LA Services understands that to improve and move forward sometimes needs a fresh approach, but retention of heritage knowledge and skills is also essential to ensure operational integrity, client trust and longevity of engineering services. Confronted with the challenge of widening the purpose of our engineering function, LA Services decided this step change required two...
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ANU Interviews LA Services – Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Activity

On the 21st of November 2018 Jihye Yeo a PhD candidate at the Research School of Management, Australian National University (ANU) visited LA Services to get some insight from the coal face about innovation activity in the Australian advanced manufacturing space. Jihye and her supervisor Dr Alex Eapen (also from the Research School of Management,...
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Liverpool Boys High Student / LA Services Intern wins Scholarship

On Monday the 19th Nov 2018 David Phan a student from Liverpool Boys High (LBH) who is also a student intern with LA Services’ investigating software design & IoT succeeded in securing a scholarship from the Australian Business and Community Network which in part relates to the opportunities LA Services and Kirk Duncan from The Mobile...
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A focus on project management with a global lens – Introducing Antonio

With a growing appetite to challenging past thinking LA Services started to ask itself ‘how might we’ test new project duration cases before award in a project portfolio framework that is integrate with live operational constraints to deliver an innovative organisational project modelling tool. To help develop a solution to this problem Macquarie University introduced...
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Supply Chain Value – Up and Downstream

The value in supply chains can sometimes be lost, particularly as the relationship matures or the focus resides around commodities. To uncover latent opportunities, it is sometimes as simple as hoping in the car and visiting your supplier’s facility. LA Services, like all organisations, has a significant number of suppliers up and down stream of...
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